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  • Love it! And I imagine the product launch was something similar to Ikea’s “BookBook“.

  • Shawn!!! Thank you! I needed this so badly this morning. My tech assistant wasn’t getting my blog up so I had the bright idea that i would do it. How hard can it be right? after 3 hours/ no breakfast… my morning joe was cold and I was crying. My husband comforted me by suggesting I find a techy that could syn all my stuff together. I remembered Michael giving you a plug on the last show and I googled you. I am now cracking up and feel so much better… maybe this should find a permanent spot on your page. Looking forward to meeting you at Platform in November. PS yes my Gravatar is not working either.. haha

    • Awe, sorry you had a rough morning! I’m glad you enjoyed the video, so good!
      It looks like your Gravatar is going now 🙂

      I hope you find some great resources here! Let me know if I can you sync all of your stuff together, I’d love to help!

      I’m hoping to be at Platform, but not sure I’m going to make it. I hope to see you there though 🙂