Testimonials for Shawn Lemon

I live in Atlanta, four hours away from Shawn. I needed help with a lot of Mac things but I didn’t have time to go through a migration in the Apple Store and I knew that I didn’t want to do a cookie cutter move. Before he finalized his recommendations, he was able to remote access my computer to run a few diagnostics to confirm his findings. So together we determined my optimal game plan. Shawn ordered everything and had all the items delivered to my home. We set up a time so he could patiently walk me through exactly what I needed to do in order to open my MacBook Pro, remove the old memory and hard drive and replace them with a nice new solid state drive and 4x the memory. From Nashville he was able to remote into both my MacBook Pro and my new iMac to finish setting everything up. He showed me a ton of organizational tricks and loads of Mac tips that I will put to immediate use. It feels so great to have my computers set up just the way I want them. This custom installation was far superior to anything I could have accomplished in the Apple store. And yes, we did all this together while Shawn was in Nashville and I was 4 hours away in Atlanta. So if you’re a Mac user in need of some expert assistance, I would highly recommend Shawn Lemon! Ellen Valentine
Veteran Marketing Leader Evangelist at Silverpop, an IBM Company
Shawn’s approach to problem solving is exactly what my team needed! When our own technology baffled us, we knew we needed the help of a real expert and Shawn came highly recommended. Shawn was able to thoroughly analyze our situation and come up with several potential solutions based on our desired timeline. And the best part is he gave us tips on how to avoid similar problems in the future! Robert D. Smith
Author of 20,000 Days and Counting; Artist Management; leader in providing life changing, life enhancing entertainment resources.
Shawn’s knowledge base is extraordinary and his professional demeanor is beyond compare. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have help me than Shawn Lemon.Karen Anderson
Blogger, Author, Caregiver, Traveler, Young Life Capernaum-outreach to HS kids with Disabilities
Shawn delivers! He focuses on strategy and makes recommendations based on long-term planning, not just short-term quick fixes. With Shawn, you get a “strategic sounding board” who is driven to help you succeed. Every business, like every person, is unique. He won’t give you cookie-cutter advice found in some general self-help book. Shawn invests in people, and his strength of strategic planning will ensure your efforts match your goals!Jim Taylor
Shawn is efficient, has great ideas on how to effectively manage my data and easily explains everything as he’s doing it. Plus, he makes my life so much easier!Bobbi Gregory
Founder of The Clarity Lab
As a busy business professional, time is money and I look for the fastest way to resolve technical issues. When I asked my good friend for a trusted resource to help me integrate my new appointment scheduling program with my iPhone, without hesitation he named Shawn Lemon. I booked an hour with Shawn and in 20 minutes by phone he helped me to integrate the two and we performed a couple of successful tests. I was thrilled. Then I received a credit for our unused time and I was blown away. I like doing business with smart people, and I love doing business with people of integrity. Shawn is great at what he does and is a class act. He’s now my go to person for all things apple.Deb Ingino
Founder - Strength Leader Development