A Mother’s Day Special You Don’t Want to Miss

“This is supposed to be intuitive, but I don’t get it… What am I missing?!”

Mother’s Day is coming up, and lots of people are giving or have given their spouses, mothers and grandmothers technology. What most people are not giving them is the skills to use those devices.

As a trainer at Apple for 6 years and now as a consultant, I see so many people who buy Apple devices and don’t learn how to use them. Something I hear often is, “This is supposed to be intuitive, but I just don’t get it!” And, “This is too hard” or “The younger generations grew up with this stuff and it’s so easy for them.”

I’m not going to say learning to use new devices isn’t challenging, but it’s certainly something anyone can become confident with and even master. That’s why I created this Mother’s Day Special, to help those special ladies in your life get the most out of their Apple technology and, as a bonus, you can get relief from being on-call as tech support!

Whether they just got a new toy, or they want to organize their photos and create a photo book, I can help!

So, click the button below and get the perfect Mother’s Day gift that’s a win-win for all, whether or your loved one lives in Nashville.

Mother's Day Special Promo

Please Note: After purchasing, you will be directed to a page with the PDF Gift Certificate that you can print out or email to that special lady. Details of how to schedule that appointment will be on that Gift Certificate. There are options to call and schedule or to book online through a very simple webpage. Sessions can be done locally around the greater Nashville area, or remote through screen sharing, Skype or phone. (Don’t worry, I’ll walk them through the easy screensharing setup!)

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