Going to Peru and My Upcoming Nozbe Course

Machu and Nozbe

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This post is to inform you about 2 very exciting things:

#1:  You’re invited to get a free sneak peak at a training series I’m putting together on productivity using the incredible Nozbe app.

#2:   I’m going to be taking a couple weeks off and won’t be able to be reached between April 9th-21st. I’m going to Peru!


I’ve known about Nozbe for quite some time now. I dismissed it when I started using it when I saw that it had a monthly cost and it had more features than Wunderlist.

nozbe vs wunderlist

Yes you read that correctly, I dismissed it because it had more features that Wunderlist. I’m a minimalist at heart. I don’t dismiss things with a lot of features as a rule. I just find more things than I need distracting. Can you relate to that?

I came back around to Nozbe a few weeks ago when my father-in-law’s team, michaelhyatt.com asked me to do a training course on it for them. They have been using an app called Slack for their internal communication which has been amazing, but actionable tasks were starting to get lost in the swift current of online communication.

nozbe plus slack

They wanted to get everyone on board using Nozbe for task management so they would have better accountability, communication for task specific items, etc.

If you’ve ever had to teach something, you know that it’s the best way to learn something. This process made me look at Nozbe inside and out, and think about how they would use it.

I did a webinar for them, but too much went wrong during the session. Since it was being recorded for people who couldn’t make it on the webinar and I didn’t want others to have to suffer through our technical difficulties, I decided I would rerecord it.  You may not know this, but I’m sort of an over-recovering perfectionist.

Since I felt I had to redo it, I wanted to make something better and than the original.

It’s not perfect, but here is a 2 part video series, talking about Nozbe and productivity. They average about a minute and a half each.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.06.50 AM

This is the beta, so I need your feedback on what could be done to make it better. I have an outline and am finishing the copy and all the additional tools I’m going to add into the course. Now is the time to get some suggestions. Would you please email me at shawn@shawnlemon.com to let me know what you think?

This beta will only be available while I’m in Peru, so watch it while you can, then expect a finished course sometime in the future!

It’s broken up by the basics, and productivity. If you already know the basics, jump to productivity. I found out some pretty cool stuff you can do with the app, and threw in some things I’ve learned along the way from productivity to goal setting to self help books.

It’s in a bit more of a conversational format, trying not to get too technical. I hope you benefit from it!

Nozbe Training Series <——– This is the link

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