The One Guaranteed Way to Get a Computer Virus

Why You Should Never Download Flash Player Updates

“Help I think I’ve been hacked”

“If I didn’t know any better, I would say my Mac has some type of virus…at least Safari does!”

“Hi Shawn,

Looks like I may have a virus.

I was opening a site when it asked me to download an app in order to access the page. The Mac Media Player was downloaded. (See screen shot of my Downloads and my History)

I never did open up the site I was trying to access.

Then, I had a pop-up. “System Scan is recommended.” I did not click on it.


These are real snippets of texts and emails I’ve received from clients recently and I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

What You’ve Been Waiting for Since the First iPhone

UntitledAndrea is one of those people that if something happened to her iPhone, the only thing she would care about are the photos. She’s in the prime of her career in a broadway musical touring all over the world in a leading role.

You can imagine the memories she’s capturing are some of the sweetest she’ll look back on.

Andrea isn’t the best at backing up her phone to her computer, though. She’s busy with other things that keep her from religiously grabbing her computer and plugging in her phone to sync and back up.

Unfortunately, that made for a mess when things went wrong with her phone and she had a couple nightmare experiences at the Apple Store. I won’t go into detail, but we got it all sorted out and she’s a happy camper. Especially once we got her set up with iCloud Photo Library.

Why You Should Delete Your Photos

Clearing space off your mobile device and keeping those memories safe

My clients are always asking me what to do when they run out of space. Both on their phones and their Macs.

A few days ago my client from Arizona, Bobbi, called because her iPhone was full and she was about to go house hunting in a new city and needed to have plenty of space to take photos and videos.

She was worried that she would do something wrong and accidentally lose years worth of photos that were on her phone.

I don’t blame her! Who wants to lose photos like these? 🙂

The Expert’s Guide to Upgrading to iPhone 6

Why iOS 8 is Changing Your Life

“Should I wait to upgrade to the newest version of the iPhone or just get the iPhone 5S now, is it going to be worth it?” Pam asked.

“Since you have an older iPhone,” (iPhone 3GS) “anything would be a major improvement. I would wait for the new one since it won’t be very long till the newest model is released.” I said. “However, you want to do it the right way, whatever you choose.”

Have you ever upgraded your iPhone and had the same problems you had with your last one? Or have you gone to the Apple Store, they replace the phone, and the next one has the same issue? Is there some trick to making sure your newest phone performs the way you want it to?

If your phone has issues or more than a couple years old, you should consider not restoring your phone from a backup.