4 Things You Need to do Before Upgrading to Yosemite


Are you considering upgrading to the new operating system Apple just released?

Before upgrading to Yosemite, there are a few things you must do.

Every time you upgrade your operating system your computer will either get better or worse. If your computer is already having issues it may solve them, or really screw it up. You need to be ready for the things to go wrong and here’s a few quick things to do to make sure you do this safely.

That being said, I am loving Yosemite! There are so many cool features that will make you want to update. To see a full list go here.

Now, to the list of things you need to do before you upgrade so as to keep your documents and snapshots of your most precious moments safe.

Bluehost or HostGator Email Accounts Get Tons of Junk Mail or Rejected Emails?


David’s publishing company’s main channel of communication is email. As a publisher, they are constantly emailing artists, graphic designers, fulfillment services etc.

The problem was that they received an incredible amount of junk mail, and many of their emails were going undelivered. Undeliverable or rejected emails is a common problem with using companies like BlueHost and HostGator for your emails. For David’s company, this was unacceptable. Deadlines were being missed, clients getting frustrated etc.

Stop Wasting Time and Get Your Email to Organize Itself

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 7.32.40 PMAll of us deal with it, some more than others; it’s that annoying ding, vibration or alert letting you know that you have another email. We check it quickly, just to see another shipping notification from Amazon or some other unimportant email that distracts you from your work.

This post is about keeping you focused and saving you time, our most precious commodity.

Many people know that you can filter email, but it seems like something that would take too much time to set up to make it worth it. I got to that point myself after having all kinds of filters sending messages to 50 different folders. It was ridiculous.

SaneBox changed my mind on the subject…so much so that I’ve recently become a reseller of their product after seeing what it does for my clients and my own email. I think you’ll be impressed. This tool is your rock-star executive assistant keeping you focused on what’s most important. SaneBox moves unimportant emails out of your Inbox into a separate folder, and summarizes them in a daily digest. There is nothing to learn or install. It analyzes your past email behavior and social network connections to determine what’s important to you.

I was surprised just how accurate it was without doing anything. I was religiously checking the Later folder to make sure I didn’t miss anything and it took days before something got put in there that I didn’t want there.
Once I saw this worked as well as it did, I set up one of my clients, Robert D. Smith, with this. He had over 500,000 emails and gets more email than I have ever seen. He also had about 30 different email folders to organize all that email and used about 5 of them.

What the “Heartbleed Bug” Means to You and What You Should Do Now


If you have a Yahoo or Bellsouth email address you need to change your password NOW. The tech world is going crazy right now with the discovery of the “Heartbleed Bug”. What is it and what does it mean to you?

The “Heartbleed Bug” is a loophole in OpenSSL, the encryption software some websites use for storing sensitive information like your username, password, and credit card info. Not all websites use it, but one of the biggest out there is Yahoo. This means that websites that use OpenSSL, or have used it in the past, such as Google and Amazon and other huge sites may be spilling some of their secrets. I mean our secrets.