Going to Peru and My Upcoming Nozbe Course

Machu and Nozbe

I want to thank you all for sharing my posts and your referrals. Thanks to you, my business just keeps growing and growing!

This post is to inform you about 2 very exciting things:

#1:  You’re invited to get a free sneak peak at a training series I’m putting together on productivity using the incredible Nozbe app.

#2:   I’m going to be taking a couple weeks off and won’t be able to be reached between April 9th-21st. I’m going to Peru!


I’ve known about Nozbe for quite some time now. I dismissed it when I started using it when I saw that it had a monthly cost and it had more features than Wunderlist.

nozbe vs wunderlist

Yes you read that correctly, I dismissed it because it had more features that Wunderlist. I’m a minimalist at heart. I don’t dismiss things with a lot of features as a rule. I just find more things than I need distracting. Can you relate to that?

I came back around to Nozbe a few weeks ago when my father-in-law’s team, michaelhyatt.com asked me to do a training course on it for them. They have been using an app called Slack for their internal communication which has been amazing, but actionable tasks were starting to get lost in the swift current of online communication.

nozbe plus slack

They wanted to get everyone on board using Nozbe for task management so they would have better accountability, communication for task specific items, etc.

If you’ve ever had to teach something, you know that it’s the best way to learn something. This process made me look at Nozbe inside and out, and think about how they would use it.

I did a webinar for them, but too much went wrong during the session. Since it was being recorded for people who couldn’t make it on the webinar and I didn’t want others to have to suffer through our technical difficulties, I decided I would rerecord it.  You may not know this, but I’m sort of an over-recovering perfectionist.

Since I felt I had to redo it, I wanted to make something better and than the original.

It’s not perfect, but here is a 2 part video series, talking about Nozbe and productivity. They average about a minute and a half each.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.06.50 AM

This is the beta, so I need your feedback on what could be done to make it better. I have an outline and am finishing the copy and all the additional tools I’m going to add into the course. Now is the time to get some suggestions. Would you please email me at shawn@shawnlemon.com to let me know what you think?

This beta will only be available while I’m in Peru, so watch it while you can, then expect a finished course sometime in the future!

It’s broken up by the basics, and productivity. If you already know the basics, jump to productivity. I found out some pretty cool stuff you can do with the app, and threw in some things I’ve learned along the way from productivity to goal setting to self help books.

It’s in a bit more of a conversational format, trying not to get too technical. I hope you benefit from it!

Nozbe Training Series <——– This is the link

Please share this with some one you think could use this! You sharing my content or your experience with me is how my business thrives! Thanks!

Why iOS 8 is Changing Your Life

iOS 8

How many times have you wanted to send someone a message, but you don’t want to type it, and you don’t really need to call them? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just leave them a voice message? Now, you can!

Photos – I’m a photo guy, but for some reason I just don’t get into it much on my phone. I have VSCO and all, but it’s so rare for me to use it. The new photos app lets you edit right in the Camera Roll so maybe I’ll make an effort on my photo post production. You like that I got all professional on you with post production?

Notifications – I looked this one over when I first heard about it, then when I was messing with the beta of iOS 8, it blew me away how much I loved it. When you double click the home button it shows you who you’ve been communicating recently and gives you options to text or call right there instead of having to switch apps. Sounds trifle, but you’ll see 🙂

4 Easy Steps to Email Productivity

All of us deal with it, some more than others; it’s that annoying alert, ding, or vibration letting you know you have yet another email.
Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 7.32.40 PM

SaneBox is a resource that will keep you focused on saving time, our most precious commodity, and do so efficiently and quickly. SaneBox moves unimportant emails out of your Inbox, into a separate folder, and summarizes them in a daily digest. There is nothing to learn or install! It analyzes your past email behavior and social network connections to determine what’s important to you.

Once I saw how well this worked,  I installed it for one of my clients,Robert D. Smith. He had over 500,000 emails and gets more emails than I have ever seen!  He had 30 different Folders and only used 5 of them.

Here’s what we did to get an email account with over 500,000 emails under control and automated:

1. Sign up for a SaneBox trial.

2. Looked at all the folders and consolidated to the bare essentials. Less choices means less time and energy trying to decide where things should go. Make broad categories and search to help conserve time.

3. Create a “Custom Folder” on SaneBox.com. Eg. Robert gets a ton of receipts for people buying product and needs to keep those records. We created a folder called “Shipping Notifications” so all emails related to products and shipping gets dumped into the “Shipping Notifications” folder automatically so he can review when necessary. If any email has a specific subject or address, it gets put in the right folder so there is no confusion – automatically without him doing anything.

4. Move Emails into the Folder that You just Created. For Robert, we took his old folder of UPS notifications and dragged them into the new folder we created on SaneBox. That’s it! Nothing else had to be done to make it work. Emails started flowing into that box automatically; the “Setup” was just dragging the emails into the folder so SaneBox knew what to put in the folder.

That’s it; simple, easy, productive, and efficient! This tool is your rock-star executive assistant keeping you focused on what’s most important.

If you’re interested in making your correspondence less of a headache, and much more efficient sign up for the FREE trial here. Make sure to check out the feature called the Black Hole, it makes sure you never have to unsubscribe to an email again!

Like this and want to hear more about how you can save time, money, and speed up your Mac? Please reach out to me through email or schedule a call. I’d love to hear what you’re doing and see how I could help you!

Question: What do you do to stay on top of your email? Let me know in the comments below.

The Morning Routine that’s Suffocating Your Life

Photo by John Haslam: https://www.flickr.com/photos/foxypar4/

Photo by John Haslam: https://www.flickr.com/photos/foxypar4/

If you want to create something worth while with your life, you need to draw a line between the world’s demands and your own ambitions. – Mark McGuinness

“I have more technology than I know what to do with, yet I have less time than ever.” Does this ring a bell? It’s what I hear from most of my clients when I come to help them straighten out all their technology and figure out how they can best utilize it.

Most of us start the day looking at our phones. We check our email or social media and this immediately puts us in a state of reaction. 

We start reacting to other people’s needs on us at the beginning of the day, trying to figure out how we can put out that fire, reschedule our day to accommodate someone, or we’re mindlessly flicking through our friends’ lives.

The problem with this is if we are reacting to everything, we usually are not being proactive in planning what WE want our day to look like. Our months, our years, our life.

How to Text from your Mac


“Wait, are those your texts on your computer!?”

Robin and I just started talking about all the issues she was having with syncing her contacts and calendars because she has multiple iCloud and Gmail accounts and stuff is everywhere! I pulled up my machine to show her how I keep everything under control with my 5 accounts when she saw my text messages on my computer. “Wait, are those your texts on your computer!?” Pump the brakes, she doesn’t have iMessage set up on her Mac yet! Looks like syncing will wait a few minutes!

Just about every time I sit down with a client for the first time and we start talking about iCloud, Dropbox etc., this question about sending texts comes up. Here I’ve included instructions on how to set up iMessage, Apple’s texting service, below. If you want to learn more about how it works and some of the quirks, read on. Please be aware the Messages app only works on Macs with Mountain Lion or Mavericks.

iMessage Basics
The first thing you’ll want to know is that iMessage is not the exact same thing as texting. Text messages are sent through your phone carrier and traditionally you pay for so many messages per month or for unlimited. iMessage uses the internet and bypasses the your cellular network, which is why you can use it on an iPad and Mac. This translates to you being able to send messages to anyone in the world with an Apple device as long as you have an internet connection, and it’s all free. So if you’re on wifi, or you have a data plan on your iPhone or iPad, you’re good to go.