New Macs and iPads: Why Now is the Best Time to Buy

5 Reasons to Buy Right When a New Product Has Just Launched

Apple just announced a slew of newly updated products at their WWDC event and it’s got me very excited for the first time in a while!

If you or someone you know is in the market for a new Mac or iPad, I can finally say that now is the time time buy. Here are 5 compelling reasons why.

  1. MacBook Pros, MacBooks and iMacs just got faster, MacBook Air got a small bump in speed – It’s been a long time since we’ve seen significant speed bumps, and even longer since we’ve had big changes in graphics for those of you interested in photos and videos.
  2. iPads received massive updates – The upgraded processors means they’re a whole lot faster, the new displays means better battery life, better drawing, and smoother scrolling, and of course the camera is better than ever. This is the first time I actually want an iPad since the original iPad Mini!
  3. Buying new products when released means they’ll last longer – Every time a new operating system is designed, it requires more from your computer. If you buy an older product, don’t expect it to last as long.
  4. Better resale value – Most people buying used computers look for the year of the computer. No matter if you buy a new machine every 2 years or hang onto it as long as you can. The sooner you buy to a new release, the better value. Both monetary or longevity.
  5. Get more money for you current device if you sell now – The longer you wait to sell your current machine, the more your current computer value goes down. Especially once everyone realizes new and faster models are out. Most people don’t realize the significance of the speed differences yet.

Backing Up Your Mac on the Go

If you’re traveling with your Mac, it’s probably because you’re working on the road, or you’re taking a bunch of photos and videos and want to offload them from your camera to the laptop.

The scary thing is what happens if something goes wrong? Or if someone steals your computer while you’re out and about. It would suck to have to replace the device, but most of us would be more upset about losing the contents of that device.

Today’s post is how to keep your data safe on the Mac. Looking to keep your iPhone photos safe? Look here.

Mac Backup On-The-Go

We always want two forms of backup for our devices, whether you travel with your Mac or not. Physical, in the form of an external drive you have quick access to, and a cloud backup.

If your system crashes, it will take an hour or two to restore your data from a physical drive you have on hand.

A cloud backup can take days or weeks depending on your internet speed. To me, cloud backups are for worst case scenarios. To me, it’s worth $50/year to have a cloud backup in case of a disaster that puts my computer and backup drive out of commission at the same time.

How to Manage Photos While Traveling, iOS Edition

“What do you do with your photos and videos while traveling?”






I get this question a lot. We spend lots of money to go somewhere beautiful and make memories so naturally, we’ll want to keep snapshots and videos safe.

With SO many options out there, it’s easy to get confused.

I’ve kept this pretty concise so you only have a couple of options, cost effective or the best.

Working Remotely from an Airstream


Big things are happening and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been learning!

A quick update: Madeline and I bought an Airstream and are working remotely while traveling around the country! For the past few months, I’ve been transitioning Lemon Consulting to operate remotely and as of 3 weeks ago, it’s official—I’m working from the road!

What does this mean for you?

  • More availability for appointments. Since I’ve eliminated the need for driving from appointment to appointment, a good portion of my schedule has cleared. I’ll be doing all remote work from wherever I am traveling. Bonus: You get to work with me remotely too—feel free to leave the house messy, wear your athletic pants, and get comfy.
  • Extra on-site support. While I’m gone, I have some very talented colleagues I used to work with at Apple going on-site to your homes and businesses if some one needs to be there to physically do something. You will love these guys. I feel incredibly lucky to have them working for me.

I know you’ll find that working remotely will be an incredibly easy transition. I can almost guarantee once you work with me this way, you won’t want to go back to the old way of doing things.

The tools I’m using to work remotely:

If you live in Nashville, Comcast has a surprise for you…


This photo shows speeds you can get from Comcast if you call them and ask for this secret deal. At least it’s a secret for the moment.

You see that 257 number? You can get that for $70/month with a 2 year contract with Comcast if you call and ask for it. For a little perspective, I’m paying $52/month for 25. So for $20 more a month I can get 10x the speed.

Why is Comcast doing this? Google Fiber is coming to Nashville and it’s rumored they’re going to be making their service available soon. When is soon though? Google Fiber speeds are 1000 Mbps. 4x this new speed Comcast is making available.

Comcast is trying to get the jump on Google and tempt you into signing a 2 year contract with them so Google doesn’t steal you away. For some, a bird in the hand is better than one in the bush.

I know a number of people who are flocking to it now. Who knows when Google will make their new plans available and they want faster speeds now.

Personally, I hate Comcast. They make my job so much harder than it has to be and I can’t wait for Google Fiber.

The 25 Mbps is fine for me for now. I’d rather not be locked up in a 2 year contract with a company with one of the worst reputations of customer service in the country.

Either way, I wanted to let you guys know what’s available if you want to jump on this. It’s really not a bad deal. Until Google is up and running….